Tekubi Furi Undo.

Loosely translated means, "shake your hands real fast as though you just washed your hands and the darn bathroom is out of paper towels." Easy to learn, but certainly one of the most beneficial ki exercises.

Double click the black & white picture above to play a video of Tekubi Furi Undo, single click to stop. If the mini-video didn't download automatically, you can get it while you're reading. It's only 89 K.
(Get the most recent Quicktime plug-in for best performance.)

How to do it.
Stand up.
Shake your hands vigorously.
Stop. (We know, it's kind of complex.)
  • Posture is very important with this exercise. Because it's not just about your hands and arms, it's about your whole body. Stand with your weight on the balls of your feet, your heel just lightly touching thje ground. When you shake your hands, you should feel your heels lightly bouncing up and down.
  • Shake fast.
  • It's hard to shake your hands fast if your tense. Try tensing up your body and then shaking your hands fast. It doesn't work. Plus, you look silly.
  • Do this ki exercise when you're stressed. You have to make a speech? Compete in a sporting event? Lift something heavy? Shake your hands vigorously for ten seconds first. You'll feel better and perform better.
  • When you stop shaking your hands, you should get a slight tingling sensation in your One-Point. This will help you to identify exactly where that elusive point is.
  • Catch an awareness for how you feel after you've just completed this exercise. As simple as it seems, it is one of the most foolproof ways to feel your most dependable state of mind and body coordination.
  • Use this exercise in conjunction with Cool Ki Tricks like Unbendable Arm and Unliftable Body.
  • Have someone gently test the stability of your posture after you shake your hands. Have them place one hand on your collar bone and gently push toward your spine. Try it before shaking your hands, and then after. You should be more stable after shaking.
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