Ushiro Tori Undo.

This is the Ki exercise that feels the most like EXERCISE. It is very effective at reinforcing a strong feeling of One-Point. But don't do it if you have bad knees.

Double click the black & white picture above to play a video of Ushiro Tori Undo, single click to stop. If the mini-video didn't download automatically, you can get it while you're reading. It's only 102 K.
(Get the most recent Quicktime plug-in for best performance.)

How to do it.
Crouch down with your right knee touching the ground, your left knee up. Both hands should be lightly touching the ground.
Jump up in the air. (While you're up there, switch your right and left feet, so that now the right one is forward.)
Land on the ground (like you've got any choice), and crouch down with left knee touching the ground and your right knee up. Both hands lightly touch the ground.
Jump up in the air, switching your feet.
Land and crouch down with your right knee touching the ground and your left knee up. Repeat steps 2 through 5 until you really don't feel like it any more.
  • Don't shortchange your self. Really jump up into the air, straightening out your body. Crouch down all the way until your knee and hands touch the ground.
  • This exercise is exhausting. But don't think about that. Just stay positive, believe you can do more, and keep going. (But be reasonable, and don't overdo it.)
  • Do this exercise a number of times, then stop in the crouched position. Have someone test you by placing a hand on your lower back and pushing forward.
  • Keep One-Point. (Will we ever stop saying that?)
  • One nice thing about this exercise is that, after you've done it quite a few times, your muscles have to relax because they're so tired. So don't quit too early.
  • Don't look down at the ground. Even when you're completely crouched, keep your eyes forward.
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