Ushiro Ukemi (Standing).

Just like seated back rolls, only you end up standing (had you guessed that?). Great for developing a strong and dependable ki feeling.

Double click the black & white picture above to play a video of Ushiro Ukemi, single click to stop. If the mini-video didn't download automatically, you can get it while you're reading. It's only 150 K.
(Get the most recent Quicktime plug-in for best performance.)

How to do it.
Stand with your right foot forward, your hips and shoulders square to the front.
Bend your right knee while reaching back with your left foot. Place the top of your left foot on the ground.
Lower yourself to the ground.
Gently sit down behind your left foot.
Roll back, switching your feet while they're in the air.
Roll forward and stand up.
You will now have your left foot in front.
Repeat steps 2 through 8 several times, alternating feet each time.
  • Take it easy at first.This exercise should feel very comfortable - not bumpy. You'll want to find a soft surface to learn on.
  • Do this exercise quietly. If you're making a lot of noise, that probably means some part of your body is colliding with the floor - not what you want.
  • You need a little momentum to do this exercise. Let the force of the forward part of your roll help you to stand up. Try to avoid using your hands to get yourself up.
  • When you stand back up, don't stumble around. Be stable. Keep One-Point.
  • Sometimes, do this exercise until you get tired out. Then it will be difficult to use excess muscle.
  • With all Ki exercises, use the minimum muscle necessary to do the exercise correctly.
  • Have a friend stand in front of you. When you stand up, have her place her hand on your collar bone on the side of your forward leg, and gently push toward your spine. Relax, keep One-Point, and you won't move.
  • You may not want to do this Ki exercise if you have bad knees.
  • The Ki feeling you're looking for is relaxed, calm, and comfortable. If the exercise feels good, you're on the right track.
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