Like super-gluing your thumb to your index finger, only you won't need to have them surgically separated.
(Don't miss out on our strange interactive demo of this Cool Ki Trick! Download the Shockwave plug-in to see it.)

What Happens.

You make a ring with your thumb and forefinger. Then you ask a friend to pry them apart. He sweats and strains, but he can't do it. An ideal way to introduce the idea of mind/body training to someone at a casual gathering. You know, the kind of occasion where having people attack you and then throwing them across the room might be frowned upon.

How To Do It.

  1. Relax your hand and arm by shaking your hand vigorously for a few seconds.
  2. Place the tips of your thumb and forefinger together.
  3. Imagine that your thumb and forefinger have been fused together, or that they make up one solid ring of iron.
  4. Have someone try to pull them apart.
  5. Relax and maintain the image in your head as that person tries hard to pull them apart.


  • When you're just learning this Cool Ki Trick, have your friend be gentle as he tries to pull your thumb and forefinger apart. This will give you an opportunity to learn.
  • If your thumb and forefinger were actually glued together, would you have to use any muscle to keep someone from prying them apart? No, because the glue would do the work for you. So rely on the "mental glue" you're applying with your mind, and not on your muscle.
  • If you have a little trouble catching the feeling, try using muscle first. Put your thumb and forefinger together and press really hard. Have someone try to pull them apart - it should be pretty easy. Now that you know how using a lot of muscle feels, shake your hand out, and try it again using very little muscle.
  • Feel almost as though you're ignoring the person who is trying to pry your fingers apart. This is part of having a positive mind - thinking that the obstacles you must overcome are no big deal.

"So, what did I just learn?"

Relaxation works better than strength. It does on a big scale, like when you're throwing someone with Aikido. And it does on a small scale, as with this Cool Ki Trick. And while this little trick may seem to have no more applicability than impressing people at your office Christmas party, if you were a surgeon, you might find that it is the key to improving how you hold and use your scalpel. It's a fascinating pursuit finding all the different areas in your life where a relaxed approach improves your results.

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