Master this Cool Ki Trick, and you'll be able to freak people out at will.
(Don't miss out on our strange interactive demo of this Cool Ki Trick! Download the Shockwave plug-in to see it.)

What Happens.

This one is hard to believe. And the scary thing is, we have no idea how it works. You hold your arms at your sides and have two people grasp your forearms - one person on each side. On the count of three, they lift you in the air. It's easy. Then, you have them try it again. This time, they can't lift you.

How To Do It.

  1. Stand with your feet side by side, with your arms at your sides.
  2. Have one person stand to your right, and one person to your left. Have them hold onto your forearms with both hands. Caution: Make sure they don't hold at the elbow.
  3. Tense the muscles in your arms and, on the count of three, have your friends lift you straight up. It should be no problem.
  4. Now start again with your arms at your sides, only now, relax. You may want to shake your hands a little before your friends grab on. Feel as though your arms extend from your shoulders down and deep into the earth - kind of like Unbendable Arm in a down direction.
  5. Once again, have your friends lift straight up on the count of three. With practice, you will become impossible to lift.


  • Don't worry if you're not unliftable right off the bat. Chances are, even if your friends can lift you off the ground, you will still feel significantly heavier to them. Ask them what it feels like.
  • As with all Cool Ki Tricks, there are different ways to approach this one. It may work better for you if you just concentrate your mind on One-Point. Maybe feel as though there is a ton of bricks tied to it and hanging between your legs. Or, just relax as much as you can.
  • Try thinking "Up" when your friends lift. Next, try thinking "Down". Which is better? Have you ever tried lifting a small child when he doesn't want to be lifted?
  • The people doing the lifting should bend their knees and lift straight up, toward your shouders.
  • Relax. Keep your eyes forward. Expect that you will succeed.

"So, what did I just learn?"

You don't gain any weight when you do this exercise. You could step on a scale at any time and you'd weigh exactly the same. So why the heck do you become so difficult to lift? I can answer that with an unequivocal, "I really don't know." But I can say that the only thing really working here is your own positive mind. Now that you know how to use positive thinking to break the laws of physics, it should be pretty easy to apply it to your daily life.

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